How To: Hula hoop with multiple hoops

Hula hoop with multiple hoops

When one hoop just isn't enough, multi-hoop moves are the only way to cure hula hoop boredom. Spinning four rings around your body is no easy trick, but fortunately there are some tips to help you work up to multiple ring hula hooping. Safire, expert hula hoop dancer, walks through the steps of working your way up to multi hoop hula hoop moves, covering everything from how to practice to how to just get all those hoops on your body. Watch this video hula hoop tutorial and learn how to perform multi hoop moves.

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first off all: you are beautiful, cute and everything in between, and besides the fact that I do not see any real application for what you do besides fun, I have to give you that hooping with 4 hoops it is pretty amazing.

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