How To: Inflate a flat ball without a needle or pump

Inflate a flat ball without a needle or pump

Well, you're all ready to play basketball, or dodgeball or football or kickball, but, your ball is flat. To make matters worse, you don't have a pump. To make matters even worse, you don't have the needle you'd normally use to inflate your flat ball. Well, this how to video shows you a simple life hack to get your balls up and bouncing again in no time. What you'll need is a can of compressed air, commonly used for cleaning keyboards, or other tech equipment. These cans come with plastic 'tubes' and this is what will work as your needle in a pinch.

Todays I'm posting a life hack for those ever in a pinch maybe a work outing you need to inflate a sports ball ie dodge ball, football, volleyball, ect yet have no needles or any air do it with. well get any can of air! one that has a small spraying straw. hope you enjoy

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