How To: Make a 'redneck' wind chime from old gas tanks

Make a 'redneck' wind chime from old gas tanks

This video is about how to make a wind chime from empty oxygen cylinders. It may be also known as a "redneck" wind chime. As a safety precaution use a small nail to go inside and make sure all the air is out. Use a small hand hack saw and cut slowly to make sure all the air is out. To suspend the cylinders from the middle use wire wrap. Make one loop to begin with and go around to the opposite side and mark the place. Make a single loop cross the wires over, use a pair of pliers where they cross to hold them. get the cylinder put a wire on there and criss cross it and you will have two loops that you can hang another wire off of to make your top. To make the suspension you weld 5 30D nails together, a washer on top and underneath Then one on end to hang it from. Then you hang a cord on top from each of the nails to hang your chimes on.

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