How To: Make a beautifully unique beaded windchime

Make a beautifully unique beaded windchime

Do you have a bunch of flawed beads left over after you make your crafts? You know the ones, the chipped, cracked, sharp ones that don't make the cut and usually get tossed in the garbage? Why not make those into something lovely, where the cracks don't matter? In this two part tutorial, learn how to turn your discarded beads into a beautifully shiny wind chime for your backyard. This chime is unique and makes a lovely noise in the wind. Let's get crafting!
Materials needed:
*1 spool waxed linen thread
*1 plastic separator ring with 6 holes [you can buy a cheap dollar store windchime, disassemble it and take these]
*drilled seashells [4 large, 7 small.] [either bought or found on the beach and drilled]
*3 metal chimes
*1 metal knocker [plus a small metal bead for weight]
*an assortment of colourful glass beads in different sizes [plus "E" & "seed" beads as spacers]
*a sharpie marker [to tie the string around. any pen will do.]
*a pocketknife [for trimming, unknoting, etc.

(1) Part 1 of 2 - How to Make a beautifully unique beaded windchime, (2) Part 2 of 2 - How to Make a beautifully unique beaded windchime

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