How To: Make wind chimes using salt and pepper shakers

Make wind chimes using salt and pepper shakers

Here is a very crafty and cute way to create a wind chime out of old salt and pepper shakers that can be found either around your house or bought at second hand stores and a small tin tray or plate to hang your shakers from. A bit of out door or water-proof glue and some colorful string or twine, scissors and a nail or awl will finish out all the supplies you need. First clean and decorate your salt and peppers and shakers, then string the twine or string through the lid, tie it really tight so that is doesn't fly off in a strong breeze. Add a bit of that glue to the rim of the shaker and put the lid back on. Make your strings for all your shakers different lengths, but not so different that the shakers can't come together to chime. Once all of your shakers are strung and glued take your tray, which is the main hanger for your creation, and punch holes around the edges, how ever you like using the awl or nail over wood. Thread the strings through the holes then tie and glue them so that it will stand up to those strong breezes. Once all your shakers are added, you're done! You now have a cleaver wind chime that is unique. You can also add old keys or other charms to add different sounds or looks to your chime.

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