How To: Repair broken gearboxes in Power Wheels toy vehicles

Repair broken gearboxes in Power Wheels toy vehicles

So, your children have the same old boring Fisher-Price Power Wheels that all the other kids on the block have. Do you really want your child to be like all of the rest? No, I didn't think so. Turn those miniature Power Wheels, Dumar or Peg Perego vehicles into a little bit of realism, if you can handle it. All it takes is a little modification and you'll be wishing you were five again. With a few simple hacks, your son and daughter will be burning rubber, jumping curbs and burying those other kids in the taste of defeat.

This video tutorial will help you transform that slow and dainty Power Wheels ride-on-toy into a beast. Just watch and see how to repair broken gearboxes. With a little wear-and-tear, you're bound to break a gearbox here and there, and this will help you fix it. Lubrication is the key... lube it up!

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where can i find a gearbox to fix my 1999 ninja quad. looks exactly like the one you are replacing. has gearboxes and motors for Power Wheels.

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